Blueberry smoothie | Weight loss smoothie | Healthy Smoothies For Weight Loss | Weight loss drinks

Smoothies are the all time favorite of most people. Fruits and veggies can be used in a lot of healthy blends to prepare delicious and healthy Smoothies. One such Smoothie recipe is shared here- Blueberry Smoothie. This Smoothie recipe can be taken as a one time meal or part of meal, during anytime of the day.

Drink a Smoothie or a juice a day to detoxify your system in a healthy way ! Make your own blends of fresh fruits and veggies to fall in love with Smoothies !

This Blueberry Smoothie is a great combo of carbs, proteins, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals which provides an instant energy and is filling too. Blueberries are the main ingredient here, and they are rich in Antioxidants and flavonoids with natural sweetness. Banana being rich in Potassium and other minerals along with dietary fiber is a great thing to add when looking for a Weight Loss recipe. Similarly, Rolled Oats are incredibly nutritious; they are good sources of Antioxidants and a soluble fiber called Beta- Glucan. Almond milk is used a the liquid base for this recipe, which in turn is a good source of healthy fats and Vitamins.

This a good choice to have this Blueberry Smoothie as a one time meal, as this nutritious and filling and also a healthy option for those on weight loss journey.

Blueberry smoothie | Weight loss smoothie | Healthy Smoothies For Weight Loss | Weight loss drinks

Dr. Saumya
Here is a quick and easy to make Weight loss recipe made with healthy ingredients. This can be served as a breakfast or taken just before lunch or dinner to reduce the intake of heavy meals. This weight loss smoothie will create a feeling of fullness very fast so can help to reduce the bulk eating habits.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Breakfast, brunch, Dinner, Healthy drinks, Lunch, Snack
Servings 1


  • Nutri bullet or a juice blender


  • 1/4 Blueberry Fresh
  • 1/2 portion Banana Fresh
  • 1 tbsp Rolled Oats Roasted
  • 1 cup Almond Milk Fresh


  • Take all the ingredients and prepare them.
  • Add them to a blender jar
  • Blend them to a Smoothie consistency.
  • Serve and Enjoy.


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