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What is Melasma? Melasma treatment at home | Home remedy for dark pigmentation | Home remedy melasma

As the Summers have set in, its time for us to be cautious about the bodily changes happening due to the extreme climate. Its during this season that many people complain of skin and hair related issues. And one among them is MELASMA also called as HYPERPIGMENTATION. Even though its not a very serious situation but can be very distressing to the individual.  I have tried my best to explain shortly about MELASMA – its causes, symptoms, types and how to identity, with PREVENTIION Tips and also an effective HOMRE REMEDY to treat MELASMA AT HOME (reference to the linked video).

This Smoothie carries an amazing combination of Cereals, Fruits and Nuts with the best blend. The Nutritive benefits and the Health benefits of each of the ingredients are also included.

Also of note, I used a combination of vegetable broth and water to make sure that the delicate notes of cinnamon, star anise, clove and ginger shine through. So, that’s why you might want to add some salt back in along the cooking process.

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